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  • Surf camp in Bali

  • Good surf hotel

  • Surf every day

  • Interesting excursions in Bali

  • New friends


Surf camp

What is
surf camp?

Surf camp is two weeks of surfing, entertainment, excursions and excellent mood. This learning format gives excellent results due to total immersion in the surf life.

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Выбирайте нас

Why we are
the best

Skilled instructors, best surf school for training, great hotel, entertainment, sightseeing and friendly atmosphere - we offer only the best to our students!

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Best surf-camp at Bali

We invite You to spend 14 memorable days in heavenly island – Bali, with following features:

  • To learn God-like surfing in the best international surf-school of Bali “Prosurf School”, with the cooperation of Billabong;
  • To take Yoga classes;
  • To find new friends from different countries of the world;
  • To rise up Your English speaking skills level;
  • To take a memorable journey to bounty-island “Lembongan” and spend there a night in oceanview room of awesome villa;
  • To study Bali island and have a look at its culture;
  • And also to groove in best clubs of the island!!
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phone: +62 (812) 370-30222